Draivi Becomes a Member of Fintech Farm

Draivi x Fintech Farm


HELSINKI FINLAND – Draivi, the leading Nordic Fintech Performance Marketing agency, is thrilled to announce its membership in Fintech Farm, a fintech hub based in Helsinki. By joining forces, Draivi and Fintech Farm aim to drive innovation, generate outstanding results, and empower businesses to thrive in the fast-paced world of fintech.

As a member of Fintech Farm, Draivi gains access to an extensive network of industry connections and expertise, a service platform for growth, collaboration and partnership in the finance sector across Northern Europe. By gaining access to the most relevant insights, resources, and opportunities in financial technology today, Draivi enhances their performance marketing solutions and unlocks new levels of success.

“Our membership in Fintech Farm enables us to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving fintech landscape. We are looking forward to having in-depth conversations with banks about their distributions and together coming up with new effective ways to create advertising for them.” – Ville Kymäläinen, CEO

Draivi’s proven track record in performance marketing, combined with Fintech Farm’s strong presence in the fintech ecosystem, ensures a fruitful collaboration. With operations across multiple countries, Draivi continues to expand its footprint, while Fintech Farm serves a rich service portfolio supporting to facilitate co-creation, advice and innovation. 

About Draivi

Draivi, co-founded by Oula Lehtinen and Antti Patana, is a leading performance marketing company specializing in financial services. With Draivi’s mantra of ‘business unusual with measurable results,’ Draivi is dedicated to delivering superior outcomes, forging long-lasting partnerships, and continuously challenging traditional marketing paradigms. Operating across seven markets, including the Nordics, Germany, and Spain, Draivi continues to expand its influence and disrupt the industry. For more information, visit www.draivi.com.

About Fintech Farm

Fintech Farm began as part of HUB13, the first independent startup hub in Helsinki, providing co-working, innovation, acceleration, and event services since 2014. Today, Fintech Farm Ltd. is a digital finance innovation service provider and fintech hub, operating an innovation ecosystem that connects startups, corporations, fintech hubs, and authorities across the Nordics and globally. Fintech Farm plays a vital role in fostering collaboration, organization, and innovation within the fintech landscape. For more information, visit www.helsinkifintech.fi.

Press contact 

Ville Kymäläinen, CEO of Draivi
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