Co-founder story – Draivi


We are Oula and Antti, co-founders of Draivi, a unique platform that transforms business as usual into business unusual. Our experiences in performance marketing and the financial services industry not only formed our professional lives but ultimately brought us together to disrupt the traditional marketing norms.


Oula, with a background in building and managing partner relationships in performance marketing across the Nordics, and Antti, with diverse marketing roles within the financial services sector, found a shared vision – to create something that would reshape the landscape of performance marketing.

The Idea and Inspiration Behind Draivi

Our defining moment emerged from a shared desire and curiosity to create something of our own, something revolutionary. We saw a gap in the market for an exclusive, results-focused approach to marketing, which led us to establish Draivi. Our “business unusual” approach was inspired by the rapid evolution of online marketing, where the boundaries of performance are almost limitless.

Core Values and Beliefs

Over our decade-long journey, we’ve faced countless challenges and obstacles. However, our shared inner drive, unwavering focus on results, and insatiable curiosity to learn have always propelled us forward. As a performance marketing company, we measure our success by results, which consistently drives us in the right direction.

Challenges and Growth

The regulatory changes in financial services and the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic brought many uncertainties. Yet, instead of down-scaling, we saw these challenges as opportunities for growth. We honed our focus on enhancing our core technology, enabling us to emerge from these crises with a highly competitive and sophisticated setup.

Partnership and Trust

At Draivi, we value quality over quantity. While we might not boast an endless list of partners, the ones we have, have been with us for many years. These long-term partnerships have been forged through mutual risk-taking and trust, which, in our view, are fundamental to achieving sustained success. It’s this approach that has propelled us to a leading position in the market.

Continuous Learning and Future Vision

Our teams at Draivi are given the freedom to learn by doing. While we are here to guide and support them with our experiences, we avoid dictating their work. We believe in fostering a culture of innovation where everyone feels empowered to contribute, grow, and flourish.

Looking forward, our vision for Draivi is to expand across new markets and become the leading performance marketing company within financial services in Europe. This vision, like everything we do, is fuelled by our shared commitment to challenging the norms, embracing risk, and relentlessly pursuing better results.

Invitation to Join the Journey

We are Draivi – a testament to the power of curiosity, a relentless drive, and a laser focus on results. We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey. Together, let’s redefine performance marketing for financial services. Let’s make business unusual.

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