draivi business unusual

Business unusual with measurable results

You want results. That’s given.

At Draivi, we don’t just deliver results, we create success stories together with our partners. We stand as your strategic ally, by delivering you streams of high-quality leads based on your needs and requirements.

As an industry-leading performance marketing company specializing in fintech, we utilize our proprietary technology and tailored funnels to deliver leads that translate into growth. Our operations cover currently the Nordics, Germany, Spain and South Africa with the ambition to grow our footprint together with our partners.

Towards a common goal

Through close collaboration, we strive for remarkable results. We believe in building partnerships on trust, honesty and the hunger for results.

We look forward to every challenge where we can grow further and take a step closer to that common goal. Read more about our partners here.

Freedom to thrive

At Draivi we don’t work in fear of failure. We are driven by the desire to be better and the best. Our work highlights the expertise of our personnel, the high quality of our work and the company’s values.

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