Partnership Management: Insights From our Affiliate Marketing Specialist Christian Selle

Back in 2012, when Draivi was founded, it began its journey as an affiliate, laying the groundwork for what Draivi’s business has become today. Affiliate marketing remains a cornerstone for Draivi, and their in-house specialist, Christian Selle, Partnership Manager, plays a crucial part of this.

From Marketing Expert to Partnership Manager

Christian’s career in the industry began in 2010 at a company that specialized in both traditional and digital direct marketing, which provided him with a comprehensive understanding of email and SMS marketing. In 2013, he transitioned to a company focused on telemarketing lead sales, where the role evolved to managing their affiliate network and campaigns. His primary focus was on the Finnish market, which allowed him to closely observe the growth of the loan segment and the rise of loan brokers within the Finnish affiliate market. It was during this time that Christian became acquainted with the team behind Draivi, as they became one of the largest publishers in Finland and the Nordic region.

In 2022 Christian started at Draivi as Partnership Manager. His key responsibilities include managing daily communications with both publishers and lending partners across the seven countries where Draivi operates.

The Transformation of Affiliate Marketing

Christian reflects on how affiliate marketing has seen significant changes during the past decade. Where once individual entrepreneurs were dominating the industry, now entities like Draivi have taken the lead, professionalizing the field and creating cross-border partnerships with publishers and advertisers in multiple countries. This has resulted in a stronger synergy between affiliates and advertisers.

Advancements in tracking methods have also been transformative. The simple pixel tracking of the past is replaced by Server-to-Server (S2S) tracking and APIs. This progress has been crucial in shaping strategies and optimizing for better outcomes. Additionally, the rise of social media has provided affiliates with a powerful platform for promotion and engagement.

Tailoring Success Through Affiliate Management

With its roots as an affiliate, Draivi has developed exceptional understanding of what they need, allowing them to design products and campaigns with the affiliate’s perspective in mind. According to Christian, Draivi stands out in the market with superior products that publishers are eager to promote.

Offering a good conversion rate, EPC and multiple commission models tailored to different needs are among the many reasons why Draivi is recognized for having the best products in the market, Christian notes. As an example, The CPL commission model of Netkredit24 is known for its exceptionally high conversion rate, averaging 10% among German publishers. Publishers have the advantage of monitoring their earnings in real-time, without any subsequent deductions from leads.

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