First Market Lead at Draivi

This year, Draivi has experienced significant growth in terms of our workforce. This expansion has afforded us the opportunity to dedicate greater attention to each individual market. Moreover, we are pleased to introduce Draivi’s first Market Lead – Ronja Pohjavirta.

Can you walk us through your professional journey?

“I’ve been working with finance since I started in digital marketing in 2015.  In the initial stages of my career, I harbored some reservations about merging marketing with the finance sector. However, it didn’t take me long to recognize how exciting it really is. After all, finance plays an integral role in the daily lives of each and every one of us. Additionally, I discovered that operating within this sector offers a unique blend of challenges and opportunities. Given the strict industry regulations, creativity becomes an invaluable asset in every facet of marketing strategy.”

Apart from your marketing roles in finance, have you had any other roles that have influenced you?

“I’ve also gained experience in customer service in this sector, where I learned the importance of helping customers find the right financing solutions. Right after the competitive world of performance marketing, helping people is a cause close to my heart. Outside of work, I dedicate a significant portion of my time to training Search and Rescue dogs and participating in various activities within The Voluntary Rescue Service.”

What drew you to Draivi as a company?

“What captivated me about Draivi as a company was its ability to offer fresh and invigorating challenges in the field of performance marketing, which I was eager to embrace.”

“Draivi’s core values their unwavering drive for growth, and their meticulous approach to measurement all played a significant role in my decision to become a part of the team.  Having been accustomed to working independently, the most rewarding aspect of my experience thus far has been collaborating with a team of creative, ambitious, and like-minded individuals, all truly working towards the common goal.”

Ville Kymäläinen, CEO at Draivi comments:

“Ronja’s deep expertise in the financial sector, combined with her proven proficiency in media buying, adds substantial value to Draivi. By strategically bringing onboard top talents such as Ronja, we are well-positioned to enhance our already ambitious growth trajectory and execute our long-term market-focused strategy.”

“These seasoned professionals will not only strengthen our media buying capabilities but also mentor and empower our new recruits, providing them with invaluable firsthand insights to excel in this dynamic industry. We eagerly anticipate the enhanced focus and knowledge that Ronja and our new team members will bring to elevate our overall operations.”

Draivi’s forward-thinking approach is highlighted by the strategic addition of a Market Lead. This move signifies commitment to innovation and growth. With fresh leadership and vision, the road ahead for Draivi is promising.