Enhancing the Recruitment Experience with Teamtailor

Draivi x Teamtailor

Draivi has consistently expanded over the recent years, creating an increasing demand to bring in new talent. To enable a smooth and effective recruitment process, we decided to partner with Teamtailor, using their recruitment platform. During last year alone, Teamtailor helped us seamlessly welcome 6 new and fantastic team members!

Ville Kymäläinen, Draivi’s CEO, sat down with Teamtailor to discuss how the cooperation has worked during the past year. Kymäläinen highlighted that Teamtailor has excelled by offering an easy and user-friendly platform, bringing everything related to the recruitment process together in one place.

“The entire hiring process, enhanced by a form of gamification provided by the platform, along with various communication tools and extensions, has enriched our recruitment efforts to the extent that it hardly feels like a task.”

Teamtailor has enabled new ways of recruitment, mostly by providing advanced analytics on ad performance, something that is very close to the core business of Draivi as well. “The tracking module and advertisement related tools have been excellent” Kymäläinen continues. 

In summary, the recruitment process can often be time-consuming and intense, especially for fast expanding companies like Draivi. Being able to find the right talent, fitting both the position and the team is vital and ensures a profitable future growth.

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