Partner story: Interview with Kim Tuure-Jessen from Adtraction

draivi x adtraction

Draivi’s long-term cooperation with Kim Tuure-Jessen, International Account Director of Adtraction (previously Adservice), began almost 10 years ago. Kim describes how this partnership has grown stronger over the years, thanks to a deep understanding and mutual growth. This collaboration showcases Draivi’s commitment to professional excellence and building lasting personal relationships in the fintech sector.

Adtraction, the leading affiliate network in the Nordic countries, acquired Adservice in January 2023. Now operating on a unified platform, Adtraction continues to support the growth of its customers and publishers by providing top-notch service and technology. Today, Draivi and Adtraction continue to grow together.

In an insightful interview with Kim, we find out the true essence of the long-term partnership between Draivi and Kim.

Working with Draivi?

Kim’s view on working with Draivi highlights their role as a dependable partner known for direct and transparent communication. Describing the experience, Kim notes, “Draivi is about real connections and open interactions. Our dealings are straightforward and transparent, ensuring mutual clarity and trust. What struck me initially,  was the distinct practice at Draivi’s office in Finland: everyone takes off their shoes. This is uncommon in Denmark in an office setting. This simple act not only set a welcoming and homely atmosphere but also reflected Draivi’s approachable and grounded approach to business relationships.”

Why Choose Draivi?

Choosing Draivi comes down to their proven track record, trustworthiness and personal touch in partnerships. Since our collaboration began in 2015, our mutual business and results have only grown. Beyond the professional realm, I consider myself a friend of Draivi, having shared experiences like trips to Madrid with them. This level of personal engagement is rare and truly sets Draivi apart.

The Strengths of Draivi

The key to any successful collaboration is good mutual understanding, and this is where Draivi excels. Kim highlights that Draivi is working towards a common goal with Adtraction. It’s a blend of professionalism and fun – “They are having fun” while being serious about their goals. This balance is crucial in a high-stakes industry like fintech. Moreover, Draivi’s willingness to experiment and embrace new ideas keeps them ahead in the game.

Today, Draivi and Adtraction continue to grow together, combining their best qualities to move forward in the fintech industry. This partnership, built on ten years of working towards a common goal, and growing together, shows their dedication to being great at what they do and also to building strong, lasting relationships.