Netkredit24: The Best Affiliate Partner Programs for Loans & Finance in 2023


Netkredit24, Draivi’s German whitelabel project, is an affiliate program for financial products, with a mission to find the best loans and financial products on the market for their customers. To achieve this, Netkredit24 regularly tests different campaigns to offer their users the best possible solutions for financing, credit cards and saving accounts.

Netkredit24 success would not be the same without their partners. In order to be successful together and to be able to offer customers an excellent user experience, they have developed an agile partner program that is unique on the market.

What is Netkredit24?

Netkredit24 is a comparison portal for financial products for private individuals. The brand started in 2016 with the comparison of installment loans. Today, Netkredit24 offers customers credit cards and saving solutions such as day-to-day or fixed-term deposit accounts.

Netkredit24 is a brand of the Finnish company Draivi. Known since 2012 as one of the leading fintech companies in the Nordics, the company operates a wide range of brands around the topic of loans and finance. These include the loan comparison service Top5Credits, the mobile phone brokerage platform Komparate, and many more.

Due to several years of experience and good relationships with partners, Netkredit24 can offer attractive commission models and exciting market options within the framework of the financial partner program.

Financial partner programs offered by Netkredit24

Netkredit24 offers financial solutions for private individuals. Through optimizing the market funnel, they engage users at every stage of the customer journey. 

Among other things, Netkredit24 offers:

  • Personal and installment loans up to 250.000€
  • Instant loans
  • Small loans up to 3.000€
  • Credit cards
  • Day-to-day and fixed-term savings accounts
  • Refinancing loans
  • Loans without SCHUFA inquiry

Benefits for affiliate partners

Several benefits are included for Netkredit24 partners:

Above-average commissions: Due to the efficient and optimized process, Netkredit24 is able to offer attractive remuneration above the industry standard.

Personal support: The satisfaction of their partners is important to Netkredit24. Each partner is assigned a personal contact person who they can turn to at any time with your questions and concerns.

High-quality advertising materials: Partners receive branded promotional materials, which has been tested for the best performance.

Comprehensive reporting: Through Netkredit24 reporting and tracking system, partners can see the success of their advertising campaigns.

Feedback: Through regular collaboration partners are able to optimize campaigns, creating success together. 

Netkredit24 commission model in 2023

Netkredit24 offers attractive remuneration models, both as a cost-per-lead model (CPL) and in the form of revenue sharing. This is particularly noteworthy as the CPL model is not commonly used in the German market, setting Netkredit24 apart from its competitors. Through their efficient process, Netkredit24 is able to offer above-average remuneration in the financial industry.

Through Netkerdit24’s reporting tool, partners can track the success of their collaboration in real-time and always keep an overview of current commissions.

Becoming a member of Netkredit24 partner program

Netkredit24 has made the signup process simple and quick for partners, through their own website. After reviewing the application, Netkredit24 will get back to the partner, typically within 24 hours. 

Interested in becoming a partner? Sign up here. In case of any questions, contact our German speaking partnership manager Christian Selle here.